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Monday Pep

I call upon X Japan, to pour audio caffeine directly into my ear holes:

Sex on the Beach

I am mostly better. Ying says I'm not contagious anymore, however I still have mucus to deal with (lest I be indiscrete, I'll leave it at that). I can drink coffee again, which is nice, but find that I am sick of bagelfuls. Perhaps forever. This is inconvenient, as I do not know what else to eat for lunch. I may have to rely on cereal for a while, which will necessitate buying cereal.

Writing wise, there was no writing. As fun as it always sounds to write while sick and see how it affects the muse, the reality is that one is usually inclined to do little more than sleep and watch whatever happens to be on T.V. No matter how crappy it is.

Actually, I didn't sleep well at all. Mostly I sweated, which was just great. Waking up in dry blankets is highly overrated: better to wake up feeling like an oily sardine. More proof that I felt like shit:

1. As aforementioned, I had no desire for coffee.

2. Barely used computer. This was a combination of being high on Night/Dayquil and having the attention span of someone high on Night/Dayquil.

3. Barely listened to Kishidan OR DJ Ozma.

Don't get sick, people. It's a huge hairy pain in the ass. Take an orange juice enema if you have to.

To health!

Manual Labor

No writing today. I'm still trying to catch up on my rest, along with the laundry. Ying is sick, so the dishes needed my attention as well. One of them was quite slimy *shudders* If I do one more load of clothes tomorrow, the clothing situation should be stable.

As a result of this domestic flurry, my brain had room to sort out some plot issues. I know what is going to happen for the next few chapters, and what tone I'm going to exit the story on. I'm a happy girl : )

How happy, you ask? Permit me to demonstrate:


I've hit a wall: I don't know how my story ends, and I can't move forward until I do. Hence I'll be taking a short (one day) break, before I go insane. Given the seizure I might have had over the weekend, this will be a chance for my body to recoup. If I did have a seizure, it wouldn't exactly be a shock given my behavior. Remember how I called myself a dumb-ass a few posts back? I forgot to mention that I started taking my pills at strange hours, usually hours earlier/later than I'm used to. Combine that with stress and a very adult hot chocolate and, well, I thrash around like a fish out of water. I was asleep at the time, so I only have Ying's testimony to rely on. Maybe I was having a nightmare.

Don't worry, Ying nagged me roundly for my naughtiness. Later, I will punish myself with laundry. I have plenty to choose from, what with the mountain range of dirty clothes sprawling across our bedroom ; )

Giddy news: My short, "108," is going to be in DEAD BELLS! The elates me to no end, as the tale was specifically written for them and I would have hated to change it for another marker. The story is set in Kyoto, and revolves around a character Ying refers to as "the lonely Japanese man."

Kadomatsu, a traditional Japanese New Year decoration. This particular style is popular in Kyoto.

Inspirational Nano Time

One week down. At this point, you probably want to hold your novel (or in my case, novella) underwater until the bubbles stop coming up. Don't worry, this will pass. Here's a happy thought: at least you aren't a dumb-ass : ) A dumb-ass who, for example, decides not to do Nano, only to piss away sleep and sanity for a novella that sucks worse than a rabid hoover. After this, I am going to write a novel full of sex, loud music, and more sex. Also there will be monsters.

And now an inspirational picture. Because even though I complain, being a writer still kicks ass. How many other people can say, "Today I wrote about a cow stampede on a distant planet." Wether or not the story is any good instantly becomes irrelevant.

Actually screw it, let's bring out the big guns. It's inspirational video time! Get ready to feel:


And thus day two of Nano comes to a close. To those involved, I offer this advice: be merciless. When the words won't come, face your burgeoning manuscript head on and shout, "I will rule you!" If you find yourself giggling afterwards, all the better. Anything to unblock the muse ; )

My writing sucked this afternoon. I was doing some light edits on the first half of my novella. It took forever, and barely increased my word count : P I am hoping that tonight will be more productive. As is my new tradition, I shall now watch "Mr. DJ" and start writing. Feel free to watch, and let its inspirational message course through you!

I Love Nano People

I decided not to do Nano this year. It's fun, but rough, and I really wanted to get back to my novel before I forgot what it was about. So I thought to myself, why not write a novella to get back in the spirit of writing a longer story?

By day two I was back on a Nano schedule. Late nights, sore muscles, and the general crankiness that comes from trying to keep my goals and my muse seeing eye-to-eye. I got thirteen thousand words down, which was a relief, but I really would have preferred to hit 15K. That would have been a solid half-novella. I try to remind myself that edits will add two to three thousand words (I tend to underwrite), I so shouldn't worry too much. But if I didn't worry I wouldn't be neurotic, and if I wasn't neurotic I wouldn't be a writer. Ah well, it will all sort itself out.

As for those with the brass ones to tackle Nano this year, I celebrate you : ) I will try to select suitably inspirational pictures during this delicate time. Enjoy.


Seeing Ranma in tight clothes puts me in the mood for candy : )

Oh Sweet Heaven

No, not the novella. While I am enjoying the process, the word "heaven" doesn't pop into mind when I sit down to type. Rewarding, challenging, a good way to fuck up my back all over again. These are the things I think of when I consider my novella.

I have made peace with the fact that I will likely not submit to the anthology that inspired it. For one, I could more easily fart a rainbow than write hard sci-fi. Or even semi-hard sci-fi. If my story was a penis, it would aroused by the sci-fi, but not yet committed to an erection. It's more accurate to call the story "horror in future times." There's time travel, distant worlds, and cows. Cows are very edgy in the future. Also, there will be humping.

There will be no cow humping.

If you look to the right, you will see I am keeping track of my word count. As of this entry, I am at eight thousand and change. Nothing scary has happened yet, but the mood is going to get tense within the next chapter or so. While a slow build can be effective (fingers crossed that I'm doing it right) it certainly doesn't fly off the fingers. I've gone with first person, which surprised me, and I vacillate over whether this makes things harder. I can't help but think about all the words I could add via another character's bovine insight. Then I remind myself that those words would probably suck out loud. Some stories demand to be in first person, and "Surveillance" is one of them. Fortunately my protagonist is a social lass, and has already made three friends. One of them will become a "special" friend. Tee hee ; )

Now, regarding "Oh Sweet Heaven":

I generally don't think of Hikaru "that way." I usually think of him as sweet and innocent, like an overflowing basket of baby ducks. I would just like that on the record, before I say anything else. So we're all clear? I do not think of Hikaru as a cheap piece of sex meat. All right then.

That, friends and strangers, is the kind of ass you write home to momma about : ) The fact that it's presented in *underwear that would tempt a nun's baser instincts just makes him a dirty, dirty tease.


*For those who can't make it out, it says "I'm Cherry Boy."

Yes Future!

The muse stirred late last night, tempted by the idea of a sci fi novella. I suppose anything is possible. Having never written a sci-fi novella, it would be rash to assume it would suck out loud. So what the fuck, I have a few more days left in October. I can fit in a novella if I don't mind borrowing some time from November. Not too many days, though. I already plan to soak my brain in books and movies whilst editing "Bucky's Luck."

In other news, I have already watched my new Kishidan DVD(s) one and a half times. More, if you count making Ying watch Ranma's father run with the torch, then the Banpaku Short Film. Clearly I have not been exposing Ying to enough Kishidan, as he continues to express surprise when Yukki...well, acts like Yukki.

Look at those legs. If I were Yukki, I would never wear pants : )