sinauthor (sinauthor) wrote,

Yes Future!

The muse stirred late last night, tempted by the idea of a sci fi novella. I suppose anything is possible. Having never written a sci-fi novella, it would be rash to assume it would suck out loud. So what the fuck, I have a few more days left in October. I can fit in a novella if I don't mind borrowing some time from November. Not too many days, though. I already plan to soak my brain in books and movies whilst editing "Bucky's Luck."

In other news, I have already watched my new Kishidan DVD(s) one and a half times. More, if you count making Ying watch Ranma's father run with the torch, then the Banpaku Short Film. Clearly I have not been exposing Ying to enough Kishidan, as he continues to express surprise when Yukki...well, acts like Yukki.

Look at those legs. If I were Yukki, I would never wear pants : )

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