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Oh Sweet Heaven

No, not the novella. While I am enjoying the process, the word "heaven" doesn't pop into mind when I sit down to type. Rewarding, challenging, a good way to fuck up my back all over again. These are the things I think of when I consider my novella.

I have made peace with the fact that I will likely not submit to the anthology that inspired it. For one, I could more easily fart a rainbow than write hard sci-fi. Or even semi-hard sci-fi. If my story was a penis, it would aroused by the sci-fi, but not yet committed to an erection. It's more accurate to call the story "horror in future times." There's time travel, distant worlds, and cows. Cows are very edgy in the future. Also, there will be humping.

There will be no cow humping.

If you look to the right, you will see I am keeping track of my word count. As of this entry, I am at eight thousand and change. Nothing scary has happened yet, but the mood is going to get tense within the next chapter or so. While a slow build can be effective (fingers crossed that I'm doing it right) it certainly doesn't fly off the fingers. I've gone with first person, which surprised me, and I vacillate over whether this makes things harder. I can't help but think about all the words I could add via another character's bovine insight. Then I remind myself that those words would probably suck out loud. Some stories demand to be in first person, and "Surveillance" is one of them. Fortunately my protagonist is a social lass, and has already made three friends. One of them will become a "special" friend. Tee hee ; )

Now, regarding "Oh Sweet Heaven":

I generally don't think of Hikaru "that way." I usually think of him as sweet and innocent, like an overflowing basket of baby ducks. I would just like that on the record, before I say anything else. So we're all clear? I do not think of Hikaru as a cheap piece of sex meat. All right then.

That, friends and strangers, is the kind of ass you write home to momma about : ) The fact that it's presented in *underwear that would tempt a nun's baser instincts just makes him a dirty, dirty tease.


*For those who can't make it out, it says "I'm Cherry Boy."

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