sinauthor (sinauthor) wrote,

I Love Nano People

I decided not to do Nano this year. It's fun, but rough, and I really wanted to get back to my novel before I forgot what it was about. So I thought to myself, why not write a novella to get back in the spirit of writing a longer story?

By day two I was back on a Nano schedule. Late nights, sore muscles, and the general crankiness that comes from trying to keep my goals and my muse seeing eye-to-eye. I got thirteen thousand words down, which was a relief, but I really would have preferred to hit 15K. That would have been a solid half-novella. I try to remind myself that edits will add two to three thousand words (I tend to underwrite), I so shouldn't worry too much. But if I didn't worry I wouldn't be neurotic, and if I wasn't neurotic I wouldn't be a writer. Ah well, it will all sort itself out.

As for those with the brass ones to tackle Nano this year, I celebrate you : ) I will try to select suitably inspirational pictures during this delicate time. Enjoy.

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