sinauthor (sinauthor) wrote,

Inspirational Nano Time

One week down. At this point, you probably want to hold your novel (or in my case, novella) underwater until the bubbles stop coming up. Don't worry, this will pass. Here's a happy thought: at least you aren't a dumb-ass : ) A dumb-ass who, for example, decides not to do Nano, only to piss away sleep and sanity for a novella that sucks worse than a rabid hoover. After this, I am going to write a novel full of sex, loud music, and more sex. Also there will be monsters.

And now an inspirational picture. Because even though I complain, being a writer still kicks ass. How many other people can say, "Today I wrote about a cow stampede on a distant planet." Wether or not the story is any good instantly becomes irrelevant.

Actually screw it, let's bring out the big guns. It's inspirational video time! Get ready to feel:

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