sinauthor (sinauthor) wrote,

Sex on the Beach

I am mostly better. Ying says I'm not contagious anymore, however I still have mucus to deal with (lest I be indiscrete, I'll leave it at that). I can drink coffee again, which is nice, but find that I am sick of bagelfuls. Perhaps forever. This is inconvenient, as I do not know what else to eat for lunch. I may have to rely on cereal for a while, which will necessitate buying cereal.

Writing wise, there was no writing. As fun as it always sounds to write while sick and see how it affects the muse, the reality is that one is usually inclined to do little more than sleep and watch whatever happens to be on T.V. No matter how crappy it is.

Actually, I didn't sleep well at all. Mostly I sweated, which was just great. Waking up in dry blankets is highly overrated: better to wake up feeling like an oily sardine. More proof that I felt like shit:

1. As aforementioned, I had no desire for coffee.

2. Barely used computer. This was a combination of being high on Night/Dayquil and having the attention span of someone high on Night/Dayquil.

3. Barely listened to Kishidan OR DJ Ozma.

Don't get sick, people. It's a huge hairy pain in the ass. Take an orange juice enema if you have to.

To health!

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