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Montreal, at last!

Go an entry back for writing talk, and an exciting update on my back. Unless you don't want to hear about my back, which I completely understand. Quite frankly, I'm tired of it hurting. This entry will be mostly pictures: I took lots of them in Montreal, then promptly put-off downloading them. Now, prepare to be swept away!

This is me next to a male Guardian Lion at one of the Montreal China Town gates. I don't often smile in pictures, because it's useless. I have a tight mouth (try not to think dirty thoughts) which means a smile doesn't show unless I'm positively giddy, a la Joker from Batman. Rather than look like a lunatic in every picture, I go with "thoughtful." I believe at the moment I was thinking about *Show from Kishidan. Now there's someone with an expressive face.

I fell in love with this little courtyard in China Town.

Looks like someone was shopping for the Mooncake Festival ; ) Personally, I can take or leave mooncakes. They're sweet, but very dense. Not that I would dare say that aloud in China Town, as I value my life. Also, some of the tins they sell them in are gorgeous. I especially like ones that portray the woman on the moon (folk tale).

Sex shop! This mannequin has a balcony you can play Shakespeare off of.

Rental bikes, which I found darling. Not darling enough to ride one, but darling.

Montreal is full of spiders. Seriously, I have never seen so many outside of an entomology exhibit. That said, they are very charismatic spiders. I saw several that were roughly the size of teacup poodles.

In conclusion, Montreal kicked ass. Interesting side note: Having perfected the art of looking like I'm aiming at something else, I took many sexy pictures of asian men. Of course, I will not post them as that would be rude. Rest assured, I have excellent taste and the lighting was perfect.

*Show from Kishidan

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The Absent Minded Writer

My back has been downgraded from agony to "inhibiting pain." There are times when I feel normal, only to brazenly bend one way or the other and incite a wave of muscle spasms. Mornings are the worst. Several people have suggested pain pills, which was a lovely thought. However, I was raised by a woman that treated Tylenol like morphine. Hence I grew up thinking of pills as a last resort. Here is a normal conversation in my house:

Ying: How was your day?

Me: Good. But I have an awful headache.

Ying: Did you take some Advil/Tylenol/etc.?

Me: *blink blink*

Ying: Did you take ANYTHING?

Me: I honestly didn't think of it.

For the back pain, Ying nagged me prolifically and I ended up taking a grand total of three Advil (useless) and two "all day pain killers" (one per day for two days - mostly useless). In the end, Tiger Balm was my salvation. They sell it in pad forms now, and it continued to periodically heat the crap out of my muscles for well over five hours. Also, I smelled very fancy.

On the plus side, sitting is the most comfortable position for me. This means I can write my BEAST WITHIN story, as soon as I work out a few plot kinks in my head. Also, I need to google Kisarazu again and take a peak at their real estate situation. Speaking of Chiba Prefecture, here's Hikaru!

Who's the cutest little muffin? You are!

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Doin' It All Night Long

Staying up until four to edit my DEAD BELLS submission might have been ill advised. At least if I want my cold to go away sooner rather than later. On the plus side, I slept like a rock once I did go to bed! And I finished the story, which gives me three days to write another one this week. My options include:

1. A novella I am pondering. It's far too green to work on today, but I could definitely make headway if inspiration strikes tomorrow.

2. NEW BEDLAM is running a contest for their Spring Thaw contest. I am tempted : )

3. I have a new idea for The Beast Within 2 (Graveside Tales). It would be set in Japan, which is funny since I just wrote about Kyoto. As this is the slightly naughtier of the three options, I think we all know which story I will probably go with.

Given how tired I am, I doubt I will get any work done today. That's what I get for being a caffeine addicted night owl. As I have laundry to do, I must find a suitably enervating video. Off to Youtube!

UPDATE: Sweet Lord Ozma, it's back! My precious, precious "My Way" video is back!!

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Halloween is Coming

In the spirit of the season, I present the following:

Granted, the bulk of it is anything but frightening. I would call it gloriously life affirming. Still, there is one point in the video that always scares the living crap out of me.

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Holy Crap, I have a Livejournal!

 Did I forget for nearly a year? Yes, yes I did. Despite the fact that I have to log in to leave notes in friend's blogs. I'm not sure how to explain that, other than I am very easily distracted. In lieu of a proper entry at the moment, I will give a quick rundown of what has happened since I forgot this blog existed: 

1. Set "Bucky's Luck" aside for a long, long time. Feeling ready to edit, but need to tackle some short stories first. 

2. You remember that story I wanted to write, based on my susceptibility to sad asian men? Glorious news: I wrote it, sold it to REFLECTION'S EDGE, and it came out on October first : ) 


Now if you will excuse me, staying up late to search for Kishidan videos on Youtube had wearied me. Good night and sweet dreams to you all! 

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Heroin and Breasts

 I can't sleep. Ever since I started my speed novel, all I do is lie in bed and fixate on where it's going. It is sick and it has to stop, or else I'm going to wind up looking like the heroin addict the friggin' thing is named after. Ah, Bucky Tsui. You make drug addiction adorable. 

That said, raccoon eyes might go well with the joint pain in my fingers and devolving posture. By December I'll be asking Santa for a visit to the chiropractor. That or Family Guy DVDs. As for the fingers, all I can do is hope the muscles get used to all this extra activity. Whenever I feel like whinning, I remind myself of that poor women in Needful Things. At least I can take Advil.

Knowing me, I won't take anything for the discomfort. When I was a kid, my mother reacted to request for medication as if I had casually asked to inject black tar heroin. This resulted in taking a pill for pain being the last thing I think of. To hammer the point home, for weeks my chest has felt like someone poured acid into it (medication side effect). What do I do about it? Nothing. Not so much as a friggin' advil. The nurse said I could try a cold compress, but that would require getting a towel, rinsing it in cold water, wrapping it around my balcony and then repeating when the afore mentioned towel adjusted to my body heat. Fuck that. 

Side note: Many authors draw on their own personalities when writing a story. My novel "Bucky's Luck" is no exception. You will notice that both the main character and I are very lazy.

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This and That

Well, I've officially started my NanoWriMo adventure! Yesterday I clocked out at 2,543 words, which puts me right on track. My "novel info" page is all updated with a title, synopsis and the first two chapters. Meanwhile, I can't figure out how to see anyone else's page. I have a feeling it's on the forum page, but the website doesn't want to let me on. I figure it has something to do with all the people using it at once, a theory which has exhausted my entire knowledge of computers.

Today I am planting a giant flower. The kit makes you water this soil disk, but so far it's not doing much more than floating. The little fucker better become soil because I used up the regular stuff planting the crokus bulbs in the garden. In about half a year I will get to enjoy them.

In fictional news, per a fellow author's request I am trying to figure out what kind of story would start with the sentence "I am putty in the hands of sad asian men." The story would have to be first person, that much is obvious, but should I go scary or funny? Then again, funny is a difficult thing to control. Apparently not everyone takes a whimsical view of the demented things I write about. My story "Truly," for example, has gotten complimented for humor, which says something about me as a person. If you want to see how horribly inappropriate I am, it's in issue one of Strange, Weird, and Wonderful.

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Thus far I have written zero words for Nanowrimo. Before you judge me, know one thing: I am putty in the hands of sad asian men. Waiters especially, but that's another subject entirely. In any case, Ying depends on weekends to decompress and treasures his time with me. There's really no angle where I can complain about that without sounding like a bitch, hence the zero words. I thought about writing at night but I'm on antibiotics that have me worn out.

Now that the weekend is over, I can try to be productive. But first Dr. Phil. Don't laugh, the show is great. Fifty percent of the time the topic is interesting and the other fifty percent I zone out and think about writing. There is even some cross-over, like the show about hoarders. My paternal grandfather was a hoarder and someday I will find a way to fictionalize a lovely story about a dead rat and afternoon tea. Let your minds wander on that one.

Despite my lack of productivity, Nano came at a good time. I'm getting less and less short story ideas, leading me to think that it's time for a rest. Not to mention I have novel muscles that desperately need stretching.

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Well I finished my last short story of October. Outside of a miracle, I will not be sitting down to write anything of substance until November when I write my crappy crappy novel. For anyone wondering about the short story, I went with nudity. Right there in the first paragraph, bam! Let's hope Necrotic Tissue likes it, as the story is currently nestled in their inbox. Then again, who doesn't like full frontal male nudity?
In fully clothed news, my short story "Roses" will be appearing in the upcoming FOR THE LOVE OF MONSTERS anthology. Observe: